Latest PHP frameworks in 2014?

PHP Framework ? Yes, it is great tool build your next awesome application. Choosing a framework for application is the basic thing which matters a lot. Recently there are various framework launched to you’re your work short and simple, flexibility to extend and give you choice to add customise features into it. 
There are frameworks which really good in their core but very hard to quick start, may be because of documentation, or because of more difficult architecture or may be because of time frame. In this case instead of taking out your pain, it’s giving you. 

Framework should be very simple yet powerful. Isn't it?

Don't just waste your time to look here and there "Which is the best framework in PHP ?". 

Recently I came across such question in LinkedIn, stackoverflow groups and where numbers of people are simply doing battle with their opinion. At end waste of time. In my point of view it is up to the developer how we use frameworks to build applications. Even sometime framework has good features into it, if your code are not properly organized, or if you write code just to get output then total development is waste. 

Yes lot of developers do that, even I have done some point of time. It happens when your Boss want you to just complete the project instead of building it properly.

Here are couple of new and good frameworks which has great features-


               Phalcon is open source, full stack php framework for php 5. It optimized to give high performance. Though it is written in C-extension you don’t need to learn or use c-language. You are ready to fly with php classes.

Nette Framework

Nette Framework is a modern php framework with fully object oriented design. It supports ajax, kiss, mvc / mvp and flexibility. 

Cygnite PHP Framework-

             Cygnite Framework is fresh start, build on some proven foundations. After two alpha release the framework was completely re-designed to make it much better. It is very simple in structure, better learning curve, create project, configurations are out if box and you are ready to go! It is among my favorite new framework getting ready for next release.
Here are various features it allows you –

i. Very simple yet powerful. MVC compliant, easy to learn and with good performance. You should try it sometime soon!
ii. Composer powered.
iii. Cygnite Framework allows you various  routing patterns. Write your restful api or create application, it is ready to go.
iv. It is builds on proven software Symfony2 components. (Symfony2 console, twig, swift mailer etc.)
v. Use native php or beautiful "twig" template engine to separate logic from your view page. You will just love it.
vi. Cygnite Framework now with better error handler in it's core, which makes your development error free.
vii. Cygnite console allow you to generate simple crud operations, paginations etc. just with single line of command.
viii. Form builder, validation is so easy and expressive.
ix. Build your schema on the fly and also allow you do migrations.
x. Active records style insert, update, delete, select, dynamic finders, model events. 
xi.Swift Mailer support, Authx, Thumbnail component. Shipped with sample code and .htaccess which allows you SEO friendly url. 
xii. Coming with better dependency injection container, use services for your application.
Ready to release it's next version. You can start playing with Cygnite Framework latest v1.06 click here. Visit back for upcoming awesome features.


                PHPixie is light weight mvc framework for php. It is designed to be fast, easy to learn. It is originally fork of kohona framework.

Apart from these new frameworks,

CodeIgniter is another good framework which I used last 2 years but no longer upgraded.

Symfony2 is most decoupled framework and extensible, better oop design patterns, doctrine supports. It is awesome php framework. The main thing which attracts me is “use full-stack framework or use it components”. It has strong proven community support and huge code base which supports you to go for enterprise level applications.

Yii framework has good oop design patterns and activerecord support. Another good framework I used so far.

Laravel4 has become more popular in last year. It has clean structure and code. But 70% of Laravel 4 core build on symfony2 components.

Zend2 is better but it is little difficult to start with for entry level programmers, also with huge codebase.

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