Create Your Own Custom JQuery Plugin

Why to code repeat same code again and again ? If you feel some functionality can be used in future task as well then instead just fulfilling current project needs, you can create a plugin which can be used anywhere in any project.

How to auto resize Textarea based on the input

Recently I came across a task to auto resize textarea based on the input. You may know textarea element doesn’t resize automatically as like other html elements, so I need to write a script to update the textarea height based on the content. I have done this using simple script which I would like to share with you.

Auto reload page content every 3 sec using JQuery, Ajax & PHP

While surfing twitter and facebook recently I just noticed both the giant social networking site repetitively search for new comments/tweets to display into end user. Actually it is pretty simple concept, which can achieve via simple script with around 10 lines of code. I drafted this tutorial long back and today I am posting how to auto reload the part of the page and display the number of tweet counts with a simple steps.

How to get the element position using jquery ?

Today I would like to post something related to jquery. The topic is “How you can get the element position using jquery?”. Recently I came across some jquery plugin customization and had to get the current element position and based on that getting value from the li. So let me show you how can you get the element position and retrieving it’s value from it.

How to Generate Random number on Page load using jquery ?

In my previous post I had shown you “Cross site ajax call”. Today I have an interesting topic. I am going to write about "Generating random numbers using jquery on every time page reload."

Cross site Ajax Request

Today I am going to write about jquery cross site ajax call to retrieve data from different domain. We can solve this using ‘JSONP’. JSONP is JSON with padding. JSONP is a technique that allows you to transfer JSON data across multiple domains. For security reasons browser does not allow script from remote domain to run. We are going to use JSONP to solve this. Cross domain ajax refers to the idea of making requests across domains in opposition to the same origin restriction.

How to populate datas into a select box using jQuery ajax json, php

If you are wondering how to populate select box using jquery ajax then you may find the below post very simple and useful. Retrieve values and populate the select box using jquery, ajax and PHP.

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