What is the Difference between ASP and ASP.NET ?

My previous post was about "How to use memcache with PHP". Recently I received an request from my reader to write about "Key Differences Between Classic ASP And ASP.NET". In this article i will be discussing about differenciation of ASP and ASP.NET which is very useful for any technical interview, also for .NET beginners. I will sort out few key difference between ASP and ASP.NET as below.


i. It has limited oops support and not having built in support for xml.

ii. Very less development and debugging tool available. Meaning that difficult to debug the code.

iii. ASP you can only do scripting using visual basic scripting and java scripting.

iv. Error handling is very poor.

v. It has no high level programming structure. Mixed of html and server side scripting.

vi. You must be entering first line as -


vii. It has no in built validation control. Meaning that validating page is difficult for developers.

viii. In the classic ASP if you need to update code on the existing page then it is mandatory to restart the server to get reflect.


i. ASP.NET is full featured object oriented programming.

ii. It has full support of xml. Which helps easy data exchange.

iii. Various tools and compiler available. Microsoft Visual studio makes your debugging job easier.

iv. ASP.NET we can use either C# or VB.NET as server side programming language.

v. ASP.NET gives you three tire architecture. It allow you to keep your business logic, views everything separate. Meaning that easy to enhance applications.

vi. Error handling is very good.

vii. You are required to make language directive with page as below.

<%@Page Language="VB" CodePage="960"%> 
<%@QutputCache Duration="60" VaryByParam="none" %> 

viii. It has state management support.

ix. In built validation controls. It has rich validation set - custom validator, range validator, regular expression, compare and require field validation control which makes your job easier.

These are the major differences between classic ASP and ASP.NET. If this helpful to you then please don't forget to like, share with friends or comment below.

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