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If you are an experienced developer and can provide high quality web development articles or tutorials then email us at dey.sanjoy0@gmail.com / sanjoy@appsntech.com. If you want to increase your exposure as an author or acquire additional web traffic or SEO benefits then consider writing for us.

Every article and tutorial you write will be accompanied with your bio, website and social media profiles giving you full credit for the content you have provided.

Our aim is to provide quality articles / tutorials /News / Discussions in the area of web applications with simple steps which can help both beginners and experienced web developers. To make this vision a reality we need people like you to help us create this quality content that everyone can benefit from.

Writing Guidelines

There are very few guidelines as below.

i. Please make sure always submit the best, unique possible draft you can. Meaning that prior submitting make sure using proper html type formatting.

ii. Make sure you draft your source code inside <pre> <code class="php"> </code> </pre> block. It allows to highlight source code. Each headline should be inside <h2 class="heading-class"></h2>, subheading inside <h3></h3> and content should be inside <p> </p> tag.

iii. Please make sure it has an introduction clearly identifies the purpose of the article and summary /conclusion which describe the key points that were discussed. Also if you can include unique interactive banner image (652x252) for the article would be great.

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You can email at dey.sanjoy0@gmail.com / sanjoy@appsntech.com.

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