8 Brilliant Tools That Empower Web Developers To Work With A Flair


Our last article was about "AngularJS Is A Superior Javascript Framework ­ Let's Explore Why". The Internet has inevitably become an integral part of the life for most of us. This has certainly raised the level of expectations from web developers while adding to their business. With a fierce competition in the market, web developers need to be on their toes and deliver superlative products to attain a sustainable success in the wobbly marketplace.

Today, almost every business embraces an online presence that is optimized for mobiles to ensure their reach to a wider audience base. This has substantially created a lot of work load for web professionals, as they need to expeditiously deliver outstanding results that can let businesses boast unique and impressive web presence.

Fortunately, with the advancement in web technology, there is a slew of excellent tools that can help web developers to stay productive in their work without compromising on the quality. This post will uncover some marvellous tools that every web developer must know, as these can help them boost their performance and have an edge over the competition.

Let's distil a few of the amazing tools for accomplishing web development task with a breeze.

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1. Freepik

If you need any type of vector images, illustrations, or any other vector art piece, Freepik makes a fabulous choice. It offers a gigantic collection of amazing vector art that too for free. Since, everything is kept in a well organized and uncluttered way, you can easily find a desired option. However, the huge list of options available there might make it hard and time consuming to streamline your choice.

2. ExpressionEngine

The ExpressionEngine is a wonderful content management tool that beautifully separates the web content from the design. It, thus, facilitates one to showcase the content in a desired manner and on desired location. This tool is flexible enough to work efficiently with any kind of website from eCommerce to a personal blog; it is custom made to support any niche business. Moreover, it is absolutely simple to install and use, even individuals with no technical knowledge can also operate this extensible tool. The huge community support further adds to its credibility, so whenever you feel that you get stuck and don't know how to proceed, you can reach the community; there are several experienced professionals and individuals who can help resolve your web-related issues.

3. Play Framework

Play Framework is a prolific web framework that supports rapid web application development with Java and Scala. To work with this framework, only a text editor and browser is required. It includes resourceful testing tools, and also displays the outcomes corresponding to the amendments made by you by simply clicking on refresh button.

Built on Akka, this framework consumes minimal resources, and delivers highly scalable web applications. While supporting a plethora of useful Java libraries, and compiling and running apps on the JVM for quick performance, it ensures responsive web apps that can run seamlessly on any device.

4. Hotjar

Now, you can easily learn and understand how your website is perceived by your web as well as mobile users. All this is possible with this awesome web development tool. It comes complete with features like Heatmaps, and offers you the appropriate analytic result to help you proficiently improve the usability of your site. You can scour and analyse the elements that grab your viewers' interest, as it offers insights of your visitors' behaviour (including number of taps, click, scrolling and so forth) while interacting with the website.

5. HTML5 Maker

Today, adding captivating graphics in a website can enhance its look and feel, which has become quite essential nowadays to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to grab your viewers' attention, animations can definitely help you achieve your goal with ease. The HTML5 Maker is one of the most recommended online tool that facilitates one to efficiently generate animated multimedia content. Whether you like to have an impressive sliders or banners, this blissful tool can cater to your needs.

The best thing about this tool is that it doesn't even require design and development skills. It comprises several resourceful features, including Online Image Editor, Online Animation Editor, built-in templates that help generate innovative web solutions. The animations generated via this tool are compatible with Google Double-Click and Google AdWords. Moreover, these animations can be shared with others as templates.

6. Cygnite - A Modern Toolkit For Web Developers

Cygnite is a new toolkit designed to augment the development of full-featured web applications. This elegant and effective framework delivers ultimate performance and allows professionals to create exquisite and feature-rich web solutions with ease. It features clean and legible syntax, which makes it extremely convenient for one to proficiently develop the code. This PHP framework is power-packed with an array of useful features, including Code Generator, ActiveRecord, Container, Finders, RESTful routing, Schema Builder, and many more. The integrated Composer tool facilitates one to incorporate a desired third-party plugins into his web application. Cygnite 1.3.1 is the small footprint; however, its major update Cygnite Framework 2.0 version will be available soon with tons of awesome features.

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7. Apache Couch DB

Apache Couch DB forms another highly useful web development tool. Yes! It is an open source database where you can stack all the requisite documents in the cloud with JSON documents. Once you have stored your data, it automatically indexes, combines and transforms your data by implementing JavaScript. With this tool, you can use HTTP to query your indexes with a web browser, and it offers real-time notifications for every change made on a website. This web database features an intuitive interface that facilitates the admin to make amendments with ease.

8. Google Fonts

I don't think Google Fonts needs any introduction, most of you might have been already using it. This list would have been incomplete without including this tool. It is basically Google's font library that offers a great list of web-compatible fonts. You can search any font that best suits the look and feel of your website.


Today, it has become more than imperative to make your website stand out with an impressive appearance and valuable functions. This ultimately adds to the web developers' job. If you are a web professional and seeking cutting edge tools that can augment your performance and help deliver an invaluable web solution, go through the aforementioned list of tools. I hope this list will surely heighten your business success while making your life much easier.

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