Google revealed that they are using Ubuntu for their self-driving car

                         In my last article I explain you “10 Basic standards and instructions to kick start your awesome project “  If you are technology freak like me then you would love to know during latest embedded  Linux conference Andrew Chatham has revealed that self-driven car by Google is lightly customized version of Ubuntu Linux operating system and some high quality laser, sensors. 

Ubuntu Linux is very well known operating system for open source application development and became very popular in embedded OS these days.

Is it not nice if we don’t have to worry to drive the car?

Human can drive the car manually or enjoy freedom like a passenger by allowing OS to operate the car automatically.

Yes it is Google latest innovation. Google can able to collect the data for Google maps using this invention.
In Andrew Chatham 24 minute speech showed how Google modified and customized Ubuntu operating system to manage to control the self-driving car. 

For more detailed information you can watch the video published on Aug 23, 2013.

Hope this small news will be surprised for Ubuntu lovers that Google known for modified version of Ubuntu at their workplace.

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